About me and my endeavor.

My name is Kristina. I have struggled all my life with being overweight and then losing weight just to gain it all right back again. I have gone through phases where I wouldn’t eat much of anything for long periods of time and the weight would melt off of me. I was so happy when I got down to my lowest weight, but I wasn’t happy enough. Then life happened and things went down and all that weight that I lost soon found its way back to me and then some. My weight has yo-yo’d for years and I am currently near my heaviest weight. This is my blog about how I am attempting to turn my life around and become healthy by doing the right things, not by starving myself. I will be sharing my stats, recipes, techniques, workouts, progress, thoughts and feelings right here in this blog. I would love for you to come join me! Read, follow, and comment as you like! 🙂


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